3D Asset (Object) Modeling

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I model 3D assets for video, gaming, commercial, or presentation purposes.
This service is limited only to modeling 3D objects not bigger than a human being in real life.

Output of this service will include:
1.) .obj file of the 3D asset
2.) .psd file of the 3D asset texture(s)

3.) A video showing a 360 view of the 3D object
    A video showing the 3D asset the way the client wants (not longer than 30 seconds)

What the seller needs to start

Identify the object to be modeled in 3D and provide instructions as to how the object would look like.
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I have over 5 years experience in Graphic Design, Flash Design/Dev't. and 3D modeling/animation. I currently am a Multimedia Arts Instructor, a grad student of Master of Computer Graphics and Animation, and a freelance Digital Artist.

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