Client Questions:

What is Freelancehour?
Freelancehour is a storefront where you can buy packaged freelancing services from freelancers.
How does buying a service work?
  1. Find the service you want.
  2. Click on the “Order Inquiry” button and fill out the order form.
  3. When you submit the order form, the freelancer is notified immediately.
    • If you want the freelancer to start working on your order, press the “Pay Now” button and pay via Paypal.
    • If you want to confirm some details before making the payment, you can wait for the freelancer to respond, and pay when they have confirmed those details. The freelancer can not start working on your order until you have paid.
  4. The freelancer will complete the order and deliver your work.
  5. You can request changes or mark the order as complete.
  6. You can rate and write a review about the service.
Why do I have to pay before the freelancer can start working on my order?
When you pay, the money is held temporarily in a FreelanceHour account. The freelancer doesn’t get paid until you confirm that the order has been completed. If you’re very unhappy with the work and the Freelancehour review team agrees with you, you will be refunded.
What if I’m not happy with the work?
First, tell the freelancer and give them an opportunity to fix their work. Freelancers are highly incentivized to make you happy:

  1. Freelancers are paid when you confirm that the order is complete.
  2. Freelancers get more business from good reviews and less business from poor reviews.
If the problem can’t get resolved easily, we will review the order and get in touch with the freelancer. If the problem is legitimate and can’t be resolved, we will refund your payment.
Do I own the work that is produced?
Absolutely, when the freelancer delivers original work to you, the legal ownership of that work is transferred to you. It was delivered to you and you paid for it, so you own it.

Freelancer Questions:

How do I create a service?
  1. Create a freelancer profile.
  2. Go to your services page.
  3. Click the “Create New Service” button.
  4. Fill out your service description. Make sure to include many examples of the service you are providing - using images, videos, and text.
  5. Submit your service to the review process.
  6. Our review team will review your service and give you feedback. You will be notified by email.
    • If your service is accepted, it will go live immediately. The reviewer may give you some feedback to improve your service description (so you can get more sales).
    • If your service is rejected, the reviewer will tell you what needs to be changed for your service to be accepted. Edit your service and submit it again to put it back in the review process.
Why would I want to offer services on FreelanceHour?
We find customers for you
Give us a solid service description and deliver on it - we do the rest. Our job is to find customers that want what you’re selling. It’s a difficult task that can consume a lot of your time and we do it for you.

We do the admin work
We provide you the storefront so you don’t have to worry about building a website, handling transactions, resolving disputes, and notifying your customer about the little things (like payment reminders and work delivery). The price of your services are already set, so there’s no need to asses the cost of each job.

We protect you
You don’t do work until the customer pays and you can’t deliver work until the customer pays. Your customer knows this. We hold the payment until the work is confirmed to be complete. If there are any problems, we will investigate the dispute and resolve it fairly.
How do I receive payment?
We send our payments via Paypal, so make sure your Paypal account is valid. All your earnings are accumulated in your balance at FreelanceHour. You can withdraw your balance at anytime and the funds should be available in your Paypal account within 48 hours.
How does the order process work?
  1. Your customer orders your service and you are notified by email.
  2. You accept the order and the customer pays.
    • If the customer has not paid:
      1. You can exchange messages to confirm details.
      2. You can accept the order and the customer will be reminded to pay.
      3. You can change the price of the order and the customer will be reminded to pay.
    • If the customer has paid, they will not be notified when you accept the order
  3. When the customer has paid, you can begin your work.
  4. You upload your work and your customer is notified.
  5. When the service is completed, your customer will confirm that it is complete.
    • Your customer will review your service.
    • The payment will be released to your FreelanceHour account.
    • You will be notified by email.
What is the review process for new services?
Each service is reviewed by FreelanceHour’s review team. The team will ensure that the service description meets our minimum quality requirements and complies with our terms of use.
How do I get paid and what are FreelanceHour Fees?
We currently issue payments to our freelancers using Paypal. You must have a valid Paypal account in order to receive payment from us. We charge a flat 20% service fee, so if you made a sale for $100, you will receive $80. You can withdraw your money at any time and your funds will be sent to your Paypal account with 48 hours.